Responsible Gambling at Linebet

Problems with gambling and betting are connected to bad mental health and can appear because of depression, anxiety, and other reasons. Of course, gambling addiction affects your everyday life, as well as your family, and job, and can surely make you broke. We insist that gambling or betting should be a fun habit, but not a means of unrealistic income. Sometimes, regular gambling can cause serious problems, which is why we do everything possible to keep our users from getting a gambling addiction.

Linebet prohibits underage people from gambling and betting. You have to be at least 18 years old. You should make sure that underage people do not have access to your PC or mobile device in case you share it with them. We routinely conduct age checks on our customers to ensure that all of our players are of legal age. Sometimes, the checks may not completely prove your age, which is why we have the right to request additional information to prove you’re of legal age.

Our advertising campaigns and announcements do not mislead customers or misrepresent the services we offer. Clients are informed about their chances of winning and possible risks. Services are provided for a fee, yet excessive spending is not encouraged.

It’s always better to admit that you have a gambling addiction, as then, you can be helped. In order to avoid getting it, you should consider the following:

You can sign a self-exclusion service in case you want to prohibit yourself from gambling at Linebet. By signing this service, you automatically agree that we will not allow you to access our website or mobile app for betting or gambling. You also should not try to create a new account in case you already signed the self-exclusion service, as you will not be able to create an account.